GoGettaz Alumni Isaac Sesi In The News!

Imagine! Your thesis is building your business and the only exam is to succeed. Wouldn’t you just love to study a master’s degree at the prestigious University of Utah David Eccles School of Business?

“I’m also grateful to Generation Africa and GoGettaz through whom this opportunity and scholarship came, and to my professors, who recommended me and considered me a great candidate for this programme,” says Isaac Sesi, winner of the #GoGettaz#Agripreneur Prize in 2019.

Isaac of Sesi Technologies is one of three lucky GoGettaz who were accepted to join this program.

Bonolo Monthe of Maungo Craft and Brighita Faustin of OBRI Tanzania are also taking on this challenge, made possible by Generation Africa, Yara International and The University of Utah.

We wish you the best of luck with the Masters Programme! Well done on being accepted to this prestigious school. We can’t wait to see how you apply your new knowledge.

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