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Africa has witnessed a proliferation of innovations in the agriculture sector, mostly accelerated by technology. Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya lead in the number of agritech-startups established to date. According to the AgriFoodTech Investment Report 2022, African agri-food startups secured more than US$ 1 billion dollars since 2017 and nearly 120 agri-food tech startups raised a record breaking USD 482.3 million in 2021, representing a 250% increase from 2020.

With modernization of agriculture and realization of opportunities along the agricultural value chain, the sector is now more attractive to youth who previously viewed it as an “old-fashioned job” characterized by traditional methods of farming.

Generation Africa through its annual GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize aims to award outstanding youth agripreneurs in Africa who are transforming food systems with a cash prize of USD 50,000 to enable them to scale up their agribusiness startups. Selected applicants also benefit from mentorship and can connect with other key stakeholders at the point of their business needs.      

At the VC4A Startup Academy, we understand the challenges of setting up a startup and ensuring it remains afloat. We work closely with startups at different stages of their growth notably; concept stage, startup stage, growth stage and mature stage startups; our online courses are tailored to address needs of these startups and enable them transition to the next stage of their business.

Our earlyStart your business’ online course is aimed at founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing their product before its launched to the market. The course enables you to get insights on how to build a complementary team that will own the startup’s vision into conceptualization; get to knowInvestor expectations around co-founders, characteristics of your target market, a better understanding of the external environment which comprises market risks, competitive landscape and much more!

The ‘Grow your business’ online course targets startup founders who are already operational with their business, experiencing growth and would like to scale up their business operations. By enrolling into the course, you will learn more from our experts on market and business development, how to build and strengthen strategic partnerships, and growing your customer base amongst others.

For startups that are in their growth and mature stage and are looking forward to raising external capital should enroll in the “Finance your business” course. This course enables you to structure your business financials, contracts, and other legalities. The second module unpacks strategies of how to successfully fundraise for your startup.

Overall when starting or scaling up your business, it is important to consider the legal aspects of its registration as a business entity and operations. Laws are enacted to protect your business as well as spell out your responsibilities to clients, public, nation and other key stakeholders in your business ecosystem. Ensure you enroll in the“Legal business” course and gain insights from our pool of experts on how to register your business, proper filing of tax returns and intellectual property rights amongst others.

Other courses by our partners are also available in the academy such as “Entrepreneurship in agroecology”. The course aims to improve business opportunities for youth in agroecology, improve capacity of youth to apply agroecological principles and increase attention for youth in agroecology in research, policy agendas and education curricula.

So far, the academy has seen over 30,000 founders of different startups across the globe who have undertaken the course. The courses are in English, French and Arabic and allows you flexibility to complete it at your own convenient time. A certificate will be issued to those who successfully complete their modules in all the courses.

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