Sophie Nabuliri visits GoGettaz alumni in West Africa

Generation Africa Program Coordinator Sophie Nabuliri caught up with Generation Africa Fellowship Program (GAFP) participants during a recent visit to Nigeria and Ghana. Visiting their offices and production facilities, Sophie had an opportunity to see what the teams from Crops2Cash in Ibadan, Nigeria, and Prosect Feeds in Ghana have been up to.

Crop2Cash have been in operations for 4 years and in the last year they have experienced exponential growth. December last year (2021) they had 2500 farmers who had benefited from their solution, and they had given themselves a huge target to reach of 250,000 farmers end of this year—a target they have surpassed! As of this month they have reached 400,000 farmers.

The Crops2Cash start-up began with the 3 co-founders and has now grown to 32 permanent staff all at the average age of 25, with a male to female ratio of 60:40. They say Dr. Odame (their GAFP coach) has guided them on their brand positioning and for the few ideas they have implemented they have seen increased reach and are now working also on retention of customers.

GoGettaz Alumnus Prosect Feeds in Ghana also got a visit from Sophie Nabuliri. They have employed two ladies on permanent basis who manage the production plant and process for their black soldier flies.

Through the Generation Africa Fellowship Program they have been supported in crafting their financial policy which is helping them engage investors. CEO Nana said, “start-ups need support with things they ordinarily can’t afford, like costly expert advice and services.” GAFP provided an expert to guide them through the process of getting their policies in place.