Turn your startup idea into reality by enrolling today at VC4A Startup Academy

It is that time of the year when we set goals on the things we would like to accomplish in the next upcoming months. Are you struggling with an agribusiness idea and do not know how to actualize it into a reality? Are you ready to start your agribusiness? Enroll today for our free online Start your Business’ course available at VC4A Startup Academy.

The course is open to start-up founders who have viable ideas and would like to see it blossom into reality by testing whether their products or innovation are ready for the market. A viable business idea is one that the founder(s) has a clear solution to the problem they are solving in their business, he/she must have done extensive research on its target market and audience as different people have their own preferences, be adaptable to evolving needs in the market, saves people money, and transforms people’s lives amongst other key needs.

The course is designed with various modules that will enable you to gain insights on how to start your agribusiness venture, building and managing a great team, understanding your business environment as well as your target market, key stages in product development cycle, design thinking process, and investor expectations around co-founders and much more.

The course allows you flexibility to complete the modules at your own convenient time and a certificate is issued after successful completion of the course. Today, over 24,000 founders across the globe have enrolled to the Start your Business course that is mainly conducted in English and transcripts depending on your preference are available in other languages which include: French, Arabic and Somalia. A team of experts who are knowledgeable on the courses provided are on standby in case you need further assistance on the course modules, or you have any challenges during your course work.

In addition, VC4A hosts the vibrant online GoGettaz Community platform that links all agri-professionals, partners, stakeholders with youth agripreneurs in Africa. The platform hosts a myriad of opportunities for youth agripreneurs from our different partners and stakeholders that targets startups at different stages of development for mentorship, funding, and incubation opportunities aimed at equipping you with skills to refine your idea, develop a bankable business model for you to easily open your business. The annual GoGettaz competition hosted by Generation Africa aims to support food warriors (youth) who are transforming Africa’s food system. Register for free to be part of the GoGettaz online community!

Other courses available at the VC4A Academy include: “Grow your Business” that targets startup founders who are already in business and would like to scale up their business and “Finance your Business” Course for start ups that are in their growth stage and would like to raise external capital.