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Programs » Focus locations » Africa 2070

2021 AfriLabs Hubs Learning Week

Virtual capacity building workshops that empower innovation hub managers

2021 Annual AVCA Conference > 20th Anniversary Celebration

Resilience, resurgence and results for African private investment

2021 DBN Entrepreneurship Training Programme

Capacity building for Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises

2021 Elevate Prize

Amplifying the impact of innovators, activists and problem-solvers

2021 Kampala Impact Day


2021 Orange Corners Nigeria

Turning smart ideas into sustainable businesses

2021 VC4A Venture Showcase – Seed

Africa's Showcase of startups looking to raise Seed round: $250K-$1,5M

2021 VC4A Venture Showcase – Series A

Africa's Showcase of disruptive scale-ups looking to raise Series A: $1,5M-$10M


Powering the next generation of entrepreneurs

237 Business Angels

Search, study and select #startups projects in #Cameroon

2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress

Transforming food systems and deliver on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda