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Welcome to GoGettaz Africa Community!

Do you play a part in the agri-food sector or are interested in knowing more about agribusiness? Then this is the perfect place for you!

The GoGettaz Africa Community is an online platform for young, innovative entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing Africa’s agri-food sector.
You will get to interact with fellow youth agripreneurs, mentors and investors. You will also have access to amazing opportunities, news & updates from the ecosystem, online courses, useful resources, and more!

Can it get any better than this? Well, there’s only one way to find out! Join the GoGettaz Africa Community today!


GoGettaz is part of the Generation Africa movement which seeks to inspire the next generation of African agripreneurs, connecting them to the resources they need to move their businesses successfully from idea to scale.

The community is open to all value chain players in Africa’s food system; from production to agri-tech to value addition to market linkages to agri-finance… you name it; GoGettaz got it!

Agri-food entrepreneurship is the biggest opportunity in Africa today. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone on the planet understands that agribusiness truly is a critical industry. Read more

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  • Profile PhotoELISHA Caleb CALEB
  • Profile PhotoShittu Annat kehinde
  • Profile PhotoVictor Murithi
  • Profile PhotoDavid Adama
  • Paulina Shao
    Tanzania, United Republic of
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  • Profile Photojabu madlala
    South Africa

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The Farm

Making farmers more productive

Solar Freeze

Solutions for Smallholder farmers with smallholders by smallholders

Gourmet Grubb

Innovative food tech company - Dairy alternative from insects

OBRI Tanzania

Your local source for a healthy living!

Programs & Events

Heifer International

Pitch AgriHack 2021

Disruptive innovations wanted at Pitch AgriHack 2021!



Let us help your startup scale

Connecting Africa to the global Agribusiness industry

For African AgriTech and FoodTech startups entering the scaling stage

Apply for free diagnostic & technical support for your Agribusiness

transform Africa's Economy through Small scale Farming


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